Become Full Stack Developer Only With This Programming Language

With lots of programming language out there everyone here is getting confused about what to follow and what not to. All programming languages having their own limitations and their own pros and cons. At the beginning of this article, I will say that every language does have its own superiority other the only thing that matters is how you are executing it. Becoming a full stack developer with these many options available is a quite big deal. No matter if you are a new developer or experienced one. We all need to be minimalist. Being able to do more things with less effort. Without wasting much more time I am going to discuss that one language that will help you to become a full stack developer if you know only that programming language.

The JavaScript.

JavaScript as a beginning was only famous for its front end web applications when the internet and web browsers became popular. The syntax was quite a bit easy-to-understand and not much complex as now because it does more things now than earlier. Nobody would have thought there will become lots of frameworks and open source libraries for javaScript as makes it the largest community online. Companies like Facebook & Google are building their own frameworks and libraries as an open source frameworks for global communities to contribute and utilise on that. So it means that if you are going to learn this skill is not a waste.

Facebook has developed their react and react-native while as Google has developed angular js on javaScript

Becoming a full stack developer we need to break down the process. The first process is you need to know things about backend and frontend and idea about developing mobile and desktop applications both for Android and Apple the popular mobile and desktop platforms out there and also for windows, luckily javaScript takes care about all of them.

Luckily JavaScript has now become so advance said that it’s not only now it is used as frontend but can be used as a very efficient back and programming language that can deal with all high and and process related executions efficiently. Yes, I am talking about node JS the Elite and revolutionary JavaScript framework that has changed how I think about JavaScript it’s so efficient that its execution is much faster than the other reputed programming language are such as python PHP even Java. Node JS also has a built-in popular dependency and package manager called as NPM (Node Package Manager) that intalls the dependecies rapidly. NPM has become so popular now other frameworks like react and other js frame works can be deployed by using NPM.


With JavaScript, you can develop a front end of a website that’s really very responsive and can give a very rich experience to the users visiting your website by using any popular JavaScript frontend framework such as angular or react or vue JS there are also lot of other friend and platforms you can by your own. Most of all the library is open source & have a big community all over the globe. JavaScript becoming really really popular day by day you can see GitHub is really flooded with the JavaScript libraries and projects done on javascript we really do not know how far it’s going to get us and with the back-end the JavaScript can really be more efficient and can handle a lot of input and output in a non blocking scenerio that node JS is giving.

On the other hands by developing the applications no matter for mobile or desktop JavaScript really take care of that.

I am not going to stuff you with some old research and features I am going to tell you about the recent things that are happening in the market so forget about the hybrid mobile applications but the approach where used was a bit time consuming and how to get and applications that where buggy was not having a good impact on end-users on the developer side we could not get the most things done.

So I am introducing one and only react native which is another JavaScript framework that allows you to develop mobile applications and desktop applications independent of their operating system and platform they are on. Since the react-native has been in market it has really boosted dethevelopment of mobile applications much faster and smoother.

The JavaScript has really revolutionized the web experiences as well as the applications that are installed on end devices. With front-end libraries as angular and react or vue**JS you can make very responsive and very smooth looking front-end website in a new revolutionary way, and with node JS you can make your web server to do things at very faster and in a very efficient manner. With react native you can develop directly applications that you can letter deploy on app Store for Play Store**.

That is all, but one thing we need to worry about is a syntax that all different libraries and frameworks are using. Each of the library at their different types of syntaxes that they use but not really difficult another one it will hardly effect. Luckily is if you know the basics and core things of JavaScript you can master them and can directly jump on them and mostly all of them are using new ES5 or ES6 syntax style of JavaScript.


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