It's 2021, when things are drastically moving towards open source from closed source.


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  • Let's take a recent example how signal app gone so popular over WhatsApp just because its open source on the other hand WhatsApp is not. Slowly people are realising about their privacy and how their data is being used processed against them.

The drastic increment in user base of signal has blown away the old monopoly closed source companies that pray on your personal data and steal the ad preferences information.

I am computer science engineer with 6 years of experience in web development I have never seen anything as famous as open source. Open sources is the future of technologies and workflows.

Few reasons why open source is game changer:

1) Collaborative Work:

☞ Collaborative work is more productive than any other work experience studies have shown that one developers that collaborate work they tend to have more optimised and more creative experience, while programming a particular task.

2) Open-Source:

☞ Of course being open source one can watch, analyse, rewrite, reproduce and add some modifications in such a way that it can be more useful then before. isn't it great?

3) Community:

☞ You know what makes more special about a particular technology and what makes it last so long? It's the community it has. Python, JavaScript, and another languages, they are so much dominant in their field only just because their community and it has been accepted by their original developers or by original creators of that particular technology, there are amazing communities on open source that you always provide a positive juster no matter how big or small the project is.

4) Transparency:

☞ No matter where you will find your source and no matter how is deployed you will always receive authentic reliable and the accurate results from the origin and from the official source.

5) Privacy and Security:

☞ Open-Source softwares provide more privacy than any other closed-source s/w. It is because you know actually what's happening with you information that you share and how secure it is. I'm not sharing you that open source technologies are always more secure then close source but you can always check if you know the code you know your information is being handled properly or not.

I hope this article has helped you in some way if you have any other suggestions or views please feel free to write in comment box thanks for reading.

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