Developed Kindle Version of Greater Kashmir's Website For Better Article View Experience.

Kindle API Development Using Python


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Developed Kindle Version of Greater Kashmir's Website For Better Article View Experience.

Hello today I'll be sharing my experiences while I developed the Kindle version of Greater Kashmir's website for low end (light) devices and distraction free environment.


  1. First of all I used Python to configure web scrappers (beautifulsoup4) and inspected respected elements of Greater Kashmir's website and mapped the elements of web page DOM today web scraper objects and classes.

  2. Now I have to configure the server for that I created an API based on python using fastAPI framework, and made the endpoints working for fetching and receiving the data. I created two endpoints first one was listing latest posts as the homepage and the second end point was driving the single article view based on the article that the user will access or requested.

  3. After the development was over and testing was done I deployed this web scraping service on the online host where my Python application and API got served and is in the live mode and can be easily accessed by anyone. the UI is not good because the core concept behind this is that it will just display the headline of the article and the feature image and after that the whole description of their article without any ads and without any distractions.

The main aim behind this idea was the Kindle devices and other low memory devices needs distraction free experience while reading the article so I created this one just said the example that any webpage can be modified whatever the way we want.

Detailed Tweet:

ScrapperAPI is live and deployed on:

The source code is under private repository on my GitHub, and will be updated here once I will make it public.

The alternate solutions: Wordpress supports rebuild JSON API called as wp-api WP rest API, one can use that approach on any wordpress enable sites to get the details of any required article are any data that is uploaded on the wordpress website without developing his own web server and the hosting all this he need is to have good defined friend and it could be react JS, angular, vue etc.


This project was only for the educational purposes and will not violate any DMCA or EULA. For reasons you want to put down this project kindly send the query on ๐Ÿ“ง

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