Free Open-Source WHOIS API Unlimited Calls

Free Open-Source WHOIS API Unlimited Calls


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It began from when I needed WHOIS information of domain for automation stuff, but when I saw how much they are changing I was shocked. That moment I decide to Open Source the API as well as it's Implementation.

This is the original GitHub Repository of mine.

This project is live @ Live/Demo

Example WHOIS Data of


Make all of your api calls to<domain_name>


The server will respond with a json data

{"address":"1601 Willow Rd","city":"Menlo Park","country":"US","creation_date":"Sat, 29 Mar 1997 05:00:00 GMT","dnssec":"unsigned","domain_name":"FACEBOOK.COM","emails":["",""],"expiration_date":"Thu, 30 Mar 2028 04:00:00 GMT","name":"Domain Admin","name_servers":["A.NS.FACEBOOK.COM","B.NS.FACEBOOK.COM","C.NS.FACEBOOK.COM","D.NS.FACEBOOK.COM"],"org":"Facebook, Inc.","referral_url":null,"registrar":"RegistrarSafe, LLC","state":"CA","status":["clientDeleteProhibited","clientTransferProhibited","clientUpdateProhibited","serverDeleteProhibited","serverTransferProhibited","serverUpdateProhibited","clientDeleteProhibited","clientTransferProhibited","serverDeleteProhibited","serverTransferProhibited","clientUpdateProhibited","serverUpdateProhibited"],"updated_date":"Tue, 10 Mar 2020 18:53:59 GMT","whois_server":"","zipcode":"94025"}

This project is written in Python and deployed on Heroku servers

Hope This helps you ๐Ÿ‘. Let me know in comment section what do you think about this, or any upgrades.

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